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Atom AMPD Integrates ThreatSTOP™ Botnet Defense Cloud as a Single-source Network, Communications and Security solution

ThreatSTOP notched another win in its integration/OEM business with AtomAMPD, an innovative company in Illinois which is offering a complete networking, telephony and security solution in a flash drive that can decrease TCO (total cost of ownership) up to 70%.  The product, called AtomOS Kwick Key, is initially targeted for the education, public safety and SME markets for its ease of use, low price and full functionality.  In spirit, AtomAMPD is doing what Vyatta is doing, for example, offering similar if not superior functionality as  Cisco at a much lower cost and complexity.  1 Key is $1,499, 2 for failover and high-availability are only $2,499, and they pack a wallop in features.  High-level features list here.

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ThreatSTOP Releases ThreatCHECK (FREE App) to Help Fight Online Fraud and Stolen Logins and Credit Cards

ThreatSTOP has released ThreatCHECK, a free applet for Windows users to check what we know about the IP addresses their computer connects to. This is the most reliable way to determine who the computer is really talking to. ThreatCHECK will provide a report identifying which countries the IPs are in, and call out known botnet and malware sites along with detailed research about them.  ThreatCHECK is easy to download and can be run in the background.  To download: www.threatstop.com/threatcheck

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