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Is there anything in Ukraine except cyber crime?

On the Kaspersky SecureList blog there's an interesting post about recent developments for the SpyEye malware. The blogger explains how SpyEye supports a nice plugin architecture and how he examined an interesting new plugin that downloads a flash plugin for certain banking sites which can then switch on the victim's webcam and stream the data back to the crooks.

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ThreatSTOP Blocks Android Malware Drive-By

The Lookout Moble Security blog posted a story about some new Android based malware that seems to be set up as fake driver update. This drive by works the same way as classic ones do on Windows PCs (or Macs with Flashback malware) in that if an Android phone visits the infected website it is redirected a couple of times before ending up at a place where it tries to download a new "update" that users are tricked to install.

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