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ThreatSTOP Free Open Source Analysis Tools Series. Part 1: Why Use IOCs?

Welcome To Our New Weekly Series, Free Open Source Analysis Tools.

This Week's Topic: Free Open-Source Analysis Tools, Why Use IOCs?

Throughout this series, we'll be talking about a Security Analyst’s IOC analysis journey. From discovering relevant indicators and performing the analysis, to finding enrichments and new IOCs. We will also share recommendations for free open-source analysis tools and use cases completed by ThreatSTOP's Security and Research Team, showing how to utilize the various platforms and tools. Let's get started.

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ThreatSTOP Offering More Policy Customization with New Threat Severity Levels

ThreatSTOP will be implementing changes to our severity labels to be consistent and clearer throughout our policies. We are not changing the policies themselves. Some targets, however, will have different severities and that may impact the volume of alerts you see in your portal account. Accordingly, we wanted to communicate those changes and the rationale behind them.

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