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An Infographic Timeline of Coronavirus-Themed Cyber Attacks

This is an opportunistic time for cyber attackers. While people are in a frenzy to buy food and masks, to figure out how they are going to work from home or how to cope with the loss of their job, cyber attackers show no mercy in taking advantage of the situation to deploy a grandiose variety of Coronavirus-themed attacks.

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Watch Out for THIS Malicious Gift Card


When people imagine threat actors tricking victims into installing malware, the first thing that comes to mind is probably email phishing or typosquatted domains. These days, digital attack vectors are so easy to deploy that physical vectors may even get a chance to fly under the radar.

In a recent campaign uncovered by Trustwave, the criminal threat group FIN7 mailed USB drives serving an unknown malware strain disguised as a free Best Buy gift card offering. The letter mailed with the USB drive states that the retail giant is sending out gift cards to its loyal customers, and the gifted credit can be used to buy products from a specific list that is found on the enclosed USB stick.

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