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Using Threat Intelligence for Proactive Threat Protection

With ransomware and cyber-attack chaos these days, we find ourselves focusing on the rapid appearance of new and upcoming threats. Every day is a day of new threats, new attack headlines, and new worries. But, it’s important to keep in mind that with so many new attacks come so many researchers and organizations whose goal is to collect and update as much information as possible regarding these new threats. Security service providers, researchers, and security communities collect and publish a plethora of updated, actionable threat intelligence at every given moment. The big question is – how to make all that extremely useful (yet extremely scattered) intelligence actionable, and how to automatically integrate it on to your security solutions and devices.

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Covid-19’s Lasting Impact on Cybersecurity

2020 has been quite a year. The global Covid-19 pandemic changed up the rules of most peoples’ daily lives, taking a big toll on individuals, businesses and organizations. During this time, cyber attackers were quick to jump on the exploitation wagon, taking advantage of the chaos and changes in work and activity patterns to deploy attacks, steal information and cash in on victims. Large firms such as Deloitte have seen a spike in cyber-attacks during the Coronavirus pandemic such as Covid-themed phishing, malspam, and ransomware attacks.

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