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Why to Check Your Network Activity Report Every Monday

Most ThreatSTOP customers log into the portal once a day to see what has happened on their network in the past 24 hours. Even if you can’t log in, you have a summary automatically emailed to you once a day. However, most customers do log in because they realize it’s especially important to remediate infected machines in a timely manner.

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Wondering About the Power of IP Reputation? Here’s a Prime Example.

ThreatSTOP recently had the ASN 64484 Jupiter 25 (also known as DMZHOST) brought to our attention as the source of some DDoS attacks. This AS is a fascinating one that has a single upstream (Quasi Networks – a hosting provider formerly and notoriously known as Ecatel) and announces just a single /24.

The single /24 is not, of itself, an indicator of badness. (ThreatSTOP’s AS also announces a single /24) However, it does suggest that the AS is not a major hosting provider since only about 250 separate unNATed hosts can be run on that network.

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