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Solarwinds, Fireeye, and You

The latest headliner in cybersecurity news is the recently disclosed compromise of FireEye, The US Government, and many others that was brought about by a backdoor discovered in a widely installed set of network tools from Solarwinds.

What we know so far reveals a sophisticated, long term, and well-funded campaign that was likely backed by a nation's resources rather than some run-of-the-mill cyber criminal enterprise.

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ThreatSTOP Offering More Policy Customization with New Threat Severity Levels

ThreatSTOP will be implementing changes to our severity labels to be consistent and clearer throughout our policies. We are not changing the policies themselves. Some targets, however, will have different severities and that may impact the volume of alerts you see in your portal account. Accordingly, we wanted to communicate those changes and the rationale behind them.

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Under the Hood: How ThreatSTOP Protects Against WannaCry


One of the key features of the ThreatSTOP platform is the ability to tailor a security policy to meet specific operational objectives. In a broad sense, this is done by selecting the policy components, such as botnets or banking Trojans, but another powerful tool is the application of User Defined Lists (UDLs) to the customer security policy. Using UDLs, our customers can use ThreatSTOP DNS Firewall to identify machines infected by Wannacry ransomware that are latent because of the accessibility of the “kill switch” domains.

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