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Are You Prepared For 5G?

5G is here, and it is definitely changing 21st century technology. The fifth generation of wireless connectivity marks a new era for devices of all kinds, serving as critical infrastructure to promote the digitization, automation and connectivity of machines, robots, smart appliances, transport solutions and more. In addition to advanced infrastructure technologies - smartphones, computers and Internet-of-Things devices are extremely prevalent in every home - and they’re getting smarter. With the increased demand for connectivity and 5G-enabled IoT devices, vendors are rushing their products to be the first on the market, trying to beat out the competition on the way. According to Statista, there will be a whopping 74 Billion connected devices by 2025. Even last month’s Black Friday deals on next generation smartphones and smart devices may very well have equipped another couple million Americans with 5G-compatible devices. But despite the excitement and hype around smart technologies, this race-to-market is creating a gaping hole where strong security and advanced technology must meet. Vendors are sacrificing security testing, allowing potential vulnerabilities to remain hidden in the backend of devices.

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