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ThreatSTOP Free Open Source Analysis Tools Series. Part 1: Free Open Source IOC Analysis Tools, Why Use IOCs?

Welcome To Our New Weekly Series, Free Open Source Analysis Tools.

This Week's Topic: Free Open-Source Analysis Tools, Why Use IOCs?

Throughout this series, we'll be talking about a Security Analyst’s IOC analysis journey. From discovering relevant indicators and performing the analysis, to finding enrichments and new IOCs. We will also share recommendations for free open-source analysis tools and use cases completed by ThreatSTOP's Security and Research Team, showing how to utilize the various platforms and tools. Let's get started.

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Locky Ransomware Domains - Followup Analysis Uncovers 130 New Indicators

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz over a flourishing ransomware that goes by the name of Locky, which encrypts a victim's data using a strong RSA-2048+AES-128 encryption and then demands between 0.5-2 bitcoins for the decryption of that data.

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