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ThreatSTOP Free Open Source Analysis Tools Series. Part 2: Threat Exchanges & IOC Sharing


The first step in IOC analysis is obtaining the indicators to analyze. Some analysts will opt to stick with one source, and analyze whichever IOCs come their way, while others may search various sources for a specific threat type such as Ransomware, or threat such as Lokibot. Threat exchanges are open and free community platforms for information sharing and collaboration, and are an excellent source for IOCs. Another source for IOC collection which may come off as less intuitive is social media, with Twitter being the best SM platform to find new, relevant IOCs.

In this post, we will describe our Top 5 Free IOC Sources for Analysis.


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ThreatSTOP Free Open Source Analysis Tools Series. Part 1: Why Use IOCs?

Welcome To Our New Weekly Series, Free Open Source Analysis Tools.

This Week's Topic: Free Open-Source Analysis Tools, Why Use IOCs?

Throughout this series, we'll be talking about a Security Analyst’s IOC analysis journey. From discovering relevant indicators and performing the analysis, to finding enrichments and new IOCs. We will also share recommendations for free open-source analysis tools and use cases completed by ThreatSTOP's Security and Research Team, showing how to utilize the various platforms and tools. Let's get started.

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Locky Ransomware Domains - Followup Analysis Uncovers 130 New Indicators

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz over a flourishing ransomware that goes by the name of Locky, which encrypts a victim's data using a strong RSA-2048+AES-128 encryption and then demands between 0.5-2 bitcoins for the decryption of that data.

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