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ThreatSTOP's New and Upgraded Check IOC Analysis Tool is Out!

Check IOC is a security research tool that provides rich metadata, passive DNS and aggregated threat intelligence on IPs and domains. Check IOC also shows exclusive threat intelligence data provided by ThreatSTOP on over 24 million known malicious indicators from our database. Using Check IOC, you can search IPs and domains to vet their maliciousness, get more information on suspicious IOCs, or even upload your logs to see if threat actors are communicating with your network.

We are glad to announce that we have just launched a new and upgraded Check IOC tool! Features that were previously reserved for our Premium Portal and API users now have been added to the free version. The new Check IOC also sports an updated interface, smoother UX, and a more generous limit of 25 free lookups a day.

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Bad IP of the Week: ThreatSTOP Blocks 2M+ Connections from Russian IP

Over the weekend, a Russian IP known to be malicious by a variety of threat intelligence vendors tried to communicate with our customers' networks over 2 million times. The IP is known to be malicious by DShield, CINS Army, AbuseIPDB, IPSum and Collective Intelligence. Malicious activity from this IP was also reported on Alienvault's Open Threat Exchange by two additional sources - the Louisiana Cyber Investigators Alliance (LCIA) who caught this IP using their honeypot, and the Internet Storm Center.

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