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ThreatSTOP now supports pfSense and Cisco ISR/IOS firewalls

Just before the Christmas/New Year holidays, ThreatSTOP rolled out support for two new firewall types: the open source pfSense firewall and Cisco's IOS firewall running on its ISR platform.

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Support for Vyatta 6.2

ThreatSTOP just updated our Vyatta install script to fully support the latest Vyatta version: 6.2. The new script is backwardly compatible to earlier Vyatta versions however an upgrade is not required for earlier versions of Vyatta. This is just a part of our ongoing Vyatta relationship to fight bots and criminal malware - as mentioned in this press release that came out today. The combination of ThreatSTOP and Vyatta provdes an extremely cost effective method of stopping bots calling home and blocking the servers that deliver bots and other malware that may be used either as a standalone solution or as a method to augment an existing firewall.

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