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3 US Universities Hit with Ransomware in Same Week

The beginning of June saw a sudden surge in University-targeting ransomware attacks. Michigan State University, UCSF and Colombia College were all hit with ransomware from the NetWalker family within the same week. While each institution dealt with their network’s compromise differently, this “University Ransomware Week” was certainly eye-opening for higher education institutions who may need to rethink the security solutions and measures they have implemented.

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Is Zoom Actually Secure?


Ever since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, Zoom has become the most well-known and widely used video conferencing platform. Used by corporations, universities and schools, families and more, millions of people around the world have found themselves desperately in need of a platform to hold meetings, see loved ones and cope with social distancing. The video conferencing app, that previously boasted 10 million users during busy hours, quickly shot up to 300 million during peak daytime hours. But as Zoom’s popularity rapidly rose, so did concerns about the platform’s security.

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