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How ThreatSTOP's Security Research Team Uses Data to Create Targets & Block Suspicious Traffic

One of the challenges in threat intelligence is taking the massive amount of data we have about the threat landscape and distilling it into its most relevant components. A huge part of the reason for growth in data science (and in cyber security specifically) is habitually struggling with too much information. (With some exceptions) With this roadblock, it’s a challenge to focus in on the data that’s truly relevant.

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Georgia Tech Data Breach: How to Keep Information Secure in Open University Environments

Georgia Tech recently notified almost 1.3 million people about a potential breach of sensitive data, and in some cases, including a social security number. Over a four month period, there was a vulnerable server that allowed people to enumerate records on a back-end database, allowing the exfiltration of sensitive information. While universities are seen as more open environments, they do have sensitive information they have to protect.

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