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Why Email Is Such a Dangerous Platform (And How to Protect Yourself)

Malicious emails are one of the cyber realm’s most widespread epidemics. Over 215 billion business and consumer emails are received daily, and with such an overwhelming flow of emails arises a very attractive opportunity for threat actors to easily penetrate victims’ online activity and lure them in to giving up credentials, downloading malware and more. According to the Symantec Internet Threat Security Report, one out of 412 emails contains a malware attack.

Although it seems as though cyber awareness is somewhat increasing due to the attempt to keep up with rapid advances in attack techniques, preying on human error continues to be extremely rewarding for threat actors. In retrospect, many email attack victims are dumbfounded when they realize that the email they so willingly acted upon is quite obviously suspicious upon second look. On top of that are highly thought out, sometimes tailored malicious emails, which do not even alert relatively cyber-aware people.

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