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10 Work From Home Security Tips During Quarantine


In recent months, the global COVID-19 epidemic has forced millions of employees to work from home. While some have experience working remotely in the past, for most working from home for months on end has been a first-time experience. Cyber attackers are at large exploiting this time of chaos and panic to deploy a variety of attacks, and with millions working from home, a plethora of additional vulnerabilities and attack options arise. In this article, we will recommend 10 tips for secure remote work from your home during COVID-19.

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5 Ways Attackers Can Hack Your Email Account


When security personnel think of email attacks, usually the first word that comes to mind is “phishing." While phishing is a very common (and sadly, very successful) attack vector, many threat actors take a different approach to gaining access to victims’ accounts. Breaching an email mailbox is a critical first step, creating a doorway to endless exploitation possibilities.

In this blog post, we will outline five different ways that cyber attackers can breach your email account and steal personal information.

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Cyberattackers Exploit Coronavirus Frenzy in Phishing Email Campaign


With the Coronavirus death toll constantly on the rise, people are becoming more and more panicked. It seems that almost everyone these days is thirsty for any information they can get on how to avoid the deadly virus, creating a tremendous opportunity for cyber attackers to exploit these fears and steal personal information and credentials.

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