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Analysis: New Android Malware Steals Victim Data From 300+ Apps


A new android malware strain was uncovered in May, boasting the ability to steal data from 337 applications, including passwords and credit card information. Among these apps are some of the most highly-used applications on any android phone, such as Netflix, Gmail, Amazon, Uber, and more.

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Don’t Fight Cyber Criminals in Your Bedroom

Imagine This: You have a precious and valuable treasure. You keep this treasure in your bedroom. Criminals come from all over the land, every night and day, laying siege to your home to steal this treasure. You have no gated community, no security patrol, no walls around your home, no doors or windows - and every fight with a criminal happens right there in your bedroom with your treasure just feet away. You know that one misstep, one lucky punch, and you lose your most precious treasure. It’s game over.

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ThreatSTOP Launches New Roaming DNS Protection Service at RSA

The Cyber Security Start Up’s Answer to Roaming Security

CARLSBAD, CA: Feb 8, 2017:  Cyber security company ThreatSTOP announced today a Cloud-based offering that quickly detects and automatically blocks DNS attacks on laptops outside a secured company network, without using external 3rd party DNS servers or requiring a VPN connection. This new SaaS offering, Roaming Endpoint, is ThreatSTOP’s answer to a growing mobile workforce, protecting devices when they leave the corporate network, anywhere and anytime.

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