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These Factors MUST Work For Every Successful Ransomware Attack. DNS is Always Involved.

A government agency that found itself infected with ransomware and having to pay the ransom to restore service. Another local agency has opted not to pay the ransom and restore operations. Ransomware targeted at organizations is still a threat and even with backups, you have a highly disruptive and public event to try to get back online that comes with serious costs and potentially lost revenue.

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ThreatSTOP Revolutionizes Security Industry with New Blockchain Offering

Photo Credit: LuckyStep48, Getty Images

In the past few years, we’ve seen a radical shift from traditional paradigms in transactions. With the emergence of blockchain, decentralized peer-to-peer transactions have replaced typical financial arrangements and revolutionized the financial world. In a few short years, the landscape for financial institutions has radically changed. Yet, the surface has barely been scratched in the ways blockchains can disrupt other entrenched industries. Enterprises have two choices, adopt the blockchain or be left in the stone age. The question is, why should your security program be any different?

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