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How to Work Towards Better Whitelisting


One of the key problems in threat intelligence is curating whitelists of infrastructure and domains that should never be blocked. Just recently, a government CERT distributed lists of IoCs that included private IP addresses that just are not useful for analysts and hunt teams. At best, it creates wasted time and effort. At worst, key infrastructure is blocked and there is business impact and/or loss of revenue.

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LIVE BrightTALK Webinar: Stop Watching & Start Blocking, Affordable Machine-Learning Enabled Defense

The chief problem with cyber security is that most of our tools and workforce is geared to waiting for adverse events, detecting those events (sometimes months after the fact), investigating the breach that has already occurred, and then cleaning up. This slow and reactive process ensures breaches happen and security staff us overwhelmed under the noise.

This talk will focus on automation and machine learning techniques that can proactively identify threats seen in the wild based on the latest academic research. This techniques allow organizations to identify suspect infrastructure before it is used to attack them. The key to making this work is infusing machine learning with knowledge of how actual attacks work and the threat landscape. Machine learning without intelligence is merely gussied up mensa math exercises.

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