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Zloader/Terdot – That Man in the Middle

The ZeuS malware family was first seen in July 2007, and is the poster child for long-lasting bots. Zbot, one of the aliases of ZeuS, has a familial relation to Terdot. When ZeuS's source code leaked in 2011 bad actors jumped at the chance to start updating its capabilities based on their campaigns. One of these offspring was Terdot. MalwareBytes has made a study of the ZeuS family, and have noted a recent increase in Terdot/Zloader infections.

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ThreatSTOP blocking Superfish

At ThreatSTOP we have been reading about the Lenovo/Superfish adware security hole with amazement. Not so much at the enormous gaping hole that has been discovered (sadly that seems to be SOP at too many places) but at the way that the various parties involved have completely failed to understand that they have created such an enormous gaping hole.

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