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Author Releases Private Key Unlocking Petya/GoldenEye Ransomware

In light of the devastating NotPetya attack, the creator of the original Petya ransomware has released his private key for the malware. This means victims of the original Petya attacks (excluding NotPetya) will be able to decrypt their files for free.

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NotPetya Ransomware Attack Hits Europe Moving On To U.S.

NotPetya ransomware, also known at PetrWrap, is a new virus currently ripping through Europe and is showing signs of moving onto the U.S. So far over 2,000 targets have been hit. These include Russia’s top oil producer, and Ukrainian Banks and Power Grid. Attacks have also been noted on the German Metro system, Denmark, France, Spain, and more. The name itself is derived from the original belief that this was a subset of the Petya malware on closer inspection, Kaspersky Labs has declared that this was incorrect and redubbed the new virus NotPetya.

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