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ThreatSTOP's New and Upgraded Check IOC Analysis Tool is Out!

Check IOC is a security research tool that provides rich metadata, passive DNS and aggregated threat intelligence on IPs and domains. Check IOC also shows exclusive threat intelligence data provided by ThreatSTOP on over 24 million known malicious indicators from our database. Using Check IOC, you can search IPs and domains to vet their maliciousness, get more information on suspicious IOCs, or even upload your logs to see if threat actors are communicating with your network.

We are glad to announce that we have just launched a new and upgraded Check IOC tool! Features that were previously reserved for our Premium Portal and API users now have been added to the free version. The new Check IOC also sports an updated interface, smoother UX, and a more generous limit of 25 free lookups a day.

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Partner Spotlight: Block newly observed domains with ThreatSTOP NOD, Powered By Farsight

One of the chief problems in cybersecurity is the inherent reactivity of most forms of defense. An attack has to be observed, analyzed and reverse-engineered. THEN, protection can be developed. This means attackers are successful, and inside environments, for a period of time before the attack is noticed, before the indicators for that attack can be extracted, and before a policy can be disseminated to stop it.

There has been a wide variety of research in recent years around this problem. How to speed up the cycle to recognize attacks and to potentially get out in front of attackers to block them before the attacks start. Both my own PhD research and other researchers have noticed that one attribute that is overwhelmingly an indicator of maliciousness in DNS is “newness,” that is to say, the newer a domain is, the more likely that it is bad. More importantly, when a domain is new and otherwise benign, it is rarely in meaningful use except by the organization that’s setting up whatever will go there.

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