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Announcing ThreatSTOP 6.0 Featuring Role Based Access Control


So much about good, basic Security comes down to proper access control. Information security, physical security, personal security, (probably even financial security?) – all security, it seems, works better when there’s proper control over who has access to what and when.

ThreatSTOP’s platform has historically allowed two levels of user access: Admin and Reporter. In this simple scheme, Admins could access everything, like creating a custom DNS Firewall policy, or whitelisting an IP across all their firewalls, while lowly Reporters got read-only access to look at reports. Two extremes of access control for what was a simpler time.

In the years since, things have really evolved in Security. It's gotten scarier outside – there are more threats, nastier ones, more sophisticated attackers, and shrewder methods. DDoS for hire, and turn-key ransomware. The myth of companies “too big to take down” or “too small to be targeted” got busted. It has gotten crazy out there.

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