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A Don't Miss Webinar: Block & Tackle Cyberattacks Using DNS RPZ

Live Interactive Webinar: Blocking & Tackling Cyberthreats Using DNS RPZ

January 17th, 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern

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Blocking Cryptolocker Ransomware

ThreatSTOP and DNS Firewall block Cryptolocker

Stop extortion by cybercriminals using IP and Domain Name reputation.

ThreatSTOP has started blocking a new variety of malware called "cryptolocker" for our subscribers and those of our OEM partner Infoblox. Cryptolocker is a new and widely spreading form of "Ransomware" that encrypts files on an infected Windows computer and any networked file systems it has access to.

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The SCADA Threat

Sometimes they let me out in public to talk to people and last night was one of those occasions. Last night I attended an INSA event where various security related issues were discussed. The main speaker was Admiral Mike McConnell, the former head of the NSA and former DNI, and he said something which I greatly fear is true, particularly regarding major infrastructure.

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