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Covid-19’s Lasting Impact on Cybersecurity

2020 has been quite a year. The global Covid-19 pandemic changed up the rules of most peoples’ daily lives, taking a big toll on individuals, businesses and organizations. During this time, cyber attackers were quick to jump on the exploitation wagon, taking advantage of the chaos and changes in work and activity patterns to deploy attacks, steal information and cash in on victims. Large firms such as Deloitte have seen a spike in cyber-attacks during the Coronavirus pandemic such as Covid-themed phishing, malspam, and ransomware attacks.

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10 Work From Home Security Tips During Quarantine


In recent months, the global COVID-19 epidemic has forced millions of employees to work from home. While some have experience working remotely in the past, for most working from home for months on end has been a first-time experience. Cyber attackers are at large exploiting this time of chaos and panic to deploy a variety of attacks, and with millions working from home, a plethora of additional vulnerabilities and attack options arise. In this article, we will recommend 10 tips for secure remote work from your home during COVID-19.

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ThreatSTOP Securing the New Work from Home Workforce For Free

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Many companies have gone completely remote, and had to do it quickly in light of current events, but that doesn’t mean the need to secure company data has diminished. As more workers are accessing secure files and applications from home, there is an increased need for organizations to be thinking about how to secure those devices that are accessing that information. We have already seen evidence that criminals are trying to take advantage of this situation to launch attacks against companies, and employees working from home without the security protections of the company network are targets for opportunistic attacks.

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