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Blocking the LizaMoon ips

One thing we often note is that many bad IP addresses are recidivists. One day they are seen doing one bad thing, a week later they do something different. A good example are the various IP addresses implicated in the current LizaMoon SQL injection attack. Almost all the addresses were already known to us - in the 'Russian Business Network' feed at least - and some had quite a considerable history. Hence ThreatSTOP subscribers could have been protected against this attack, however not every ThreatSTOP subscriber will be using a block list with the RBN feed in it so we have also added the addresses to Emergency Feed which is downloaded by all our subscribers.

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ThreatSTOP & Vyatta combine to block bots

Threatstop has been working with Vyatta to use the Vyatta Network OS as an enforcement agent against botnets by taking advantage of Vyatta’s powerful iptables/ipset firewall that can be used to block traffic if it has the right IP addresses. At ThreatSTOP, we provide the right IP addresses as a real-time service that distributes an IP threat list via DNS directly to a Vyatta device (and other firewalls) to enable them to block all traffic from and to known botnet and malware sites.

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