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How to Work Towards Better Whitelisting


One of the key problems in threat intelligence is curating whitelists of infrastructure and domains that should never be blocked. Just recently, a government CERT distributed lists of IoCs that included private IP addresses that just are not useful for analysts and hunt teams. At best, it creates wasted time and effort. At worst, key infrastructure is blocked and there is business impact and/or loss of revenue.

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US Heightens Online Attacks on Russian Power Grid: How DNS Can Protect Critical US Infrastructure

In retaliation for ongoing attacks against US interests and to be a deterrent against future cyberattacks, the United States has been penetrating Russian power and industrial systems according to recent reporting in the New York Times. There have been multiple articles about attacks on critical infrastructure and attempts to penetrate systems in this space. In the US, no breach has been reported to lead to a wide spread outage, but there has been an increasing level of concern.

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